The most common questions asked about Battlegrounds Mobile India are answered here. If you have any other questions ask us on our Telegram Channel.

Q1. What to do when Wrong Data Transfered to BGMI?

Answer: It is possible that you have multiple PUBG Mobile Account and wrong data gets transfered to BGMI. dont worry, do this:-

  • First Clear Game Data (Repair)
  • Then temporary login to BGMI with a Twitter account.
  • Now go to BGMI Settings and Transfer your Data with the correct PUBG Mobile Account
Q2. Do I have to Uninstall the Early Access to Install BGMI Global Version?

Answer: BGMI Early Access is also a Full Version Game, but it is only available for limited players. Once the Game is released for all others will download the game, you dont have to worry about anything.

Q3. Can BGMI played with Global Players?

Answer: NO! BGMI is specially designed for Indian Players only. The game server is separately located in Singapore, And you can not play any PUBG Mobile version with another version.

If the Other country Players is using Indian VPN and playing BGMI then you both can play together. but using VPN may ban your BGMI Account.

Q4. Is BGMI Early Access launched for YouTubers only?

Answer: NO! BGMI Early Access was open for all and those who took action first got the Early Access Game to play. The BGMI is released in Early Access to check bugs and glitches before it is launched for All players.

Q5. Is BGMI different than original PUBG Mobile?

Answer: NO! BGMI is not a different Game than PUBG Mobile, but BGMI is redesigned following all Government Rules for Indian Players only.

Q6. Why I am getting Server Busy in BGMI?

Answer: If you have downloaded the BGMI on PC using Emulator and Try to Play it then You will see this Message Server is Busy. This is because BGMI is not compatible with any Emulator for now.

Q7. How to Download BGMI on Emulator?

Answer: BGMI is not supported to any Emulator till now, once the compatible version is released for Emulator you can download and Play BGMI on Emulator.

Q8. How to Download BGMI Lite?

Answer: BGMI Lite is not released and may not be released in the future, because According to KRAFTON and Play Store BGMI supports 2 GB Ram Phone.

Q9. BGMI is Crashing in My Phone What to do?

Answer: Please uninstall other apps and keep 4GB RAM and 4GB Storage Free in your Phone. If still facing issue Please Open BGMI and Repair the Game. If still the problem is not solved report this issue from the game to developers and explain your issue.

Q10. BGMI System Requirements

Answer: Check the BGMI Recomended System Requirement below. And for Smooth gameplay Check BGMI Graphics Setting.

  • OS: Android 5.1.1 and New
  • RAM: 4GB and More
  • Storage: 3GB and More
  • Internet: 1MBPS Internet and More
Q11. How to Fix the BGMI Map Download Error?

Answer: It is obvious to get any error in BGMI as it is in Beta phase dont worry. Just Follow the steps given bleow to fix the Map Download Error in BGMI.

  • First Log out from your Account
  • Then Click on Repair Button
  • Then Make sure you choose Rutine Repair option only. Do not tick any other option in Repair.
  • Then Click on the OK Button
  • Then Your Game will Restart again and download some Update packs.
  • Now Log in to your BGMI account and check your MAP Error.
Q12. Can Ii run on 2GB RAM Phone?

Answer: The Game Description shows you can Play BGMI with 2GB Ram but When you buy a 4GB RAM Phone the Phone System and other Apps took 2GB RAM already. So to Play BGMI please choose a 4GB or more RAM Mobile Phone.

Q13. When BGMI is Coming to India?

Answer: BGMI is launched on 17th JUNE 2021 in Early Access for All Indian Players. Go Register as a tester and Play the Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Phone.

Q14. When will BGMI come on iOS?

Answer: BGMI is in Early Access Mode and once this game is ready to Launch in Full Mode for Android soon we will see the iOS version for BGMI too.